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New England Outerwear Lace To Toe by Nicks Boots

New England Outerwear Lace To Toe by Nicks Boots

By Dan

We got together for FW16 and made two custom lace to two boots with Nicks Boots for distribution in Japan only. We just got extra several pairs of these boots and decided to throw them up online for you to check out. These things are insanely built. Full stitch down construction, they are fully recraftable for years and years of hard wear. Nicks specializes in Fire Boots and carry that durability and craftsmanship over to every pair that they make. Using only Horween leather, with a reinforced toe and heel, double needle stitching on the midsole to completely seal out moisture, and about 20oz of leather that your foot will be on, few know what a boot like this is really about. 

Available for an awesome price, you really can't go wrong with these!


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