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Changes and triumph

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Changes and triumph

By Dan

This is a huge change for us, come along with me for the ride.   

Lets start a footwear factory they said, it will be fun they said. Back in the winter of 2012 I would never have dreamed I would be in the place I am today. Having come so far, from making 5 pr/week in a garage to being in 1500 sq ft of an old Cole Haan hand sewn factory space, producing anywhere from 50-75 pr/week, the push has been enormous. We still fight daily, making sure payroll is covered before all else, because without our crew at the shop, we would be no where. 
The shift in our online approach is one I think our customers want. Some are perfectly fine with made to order, and waiting up to and past 5-6 weeks for their shoes to arrive. But there is a large amount of people who don’t like the idea of waiting for products, that is why we are creating some ready made, to allow for those who want a pair immediately to get one, and to help show case what we think reflects the brand and our direction in the market. These aren’t made in Asia or the Dominican to appeal to a more mainstream customer and price point, these are exactly the same as a pair of made to order..only sitting here waiting for you right now. The goal is to make these available for new customers who will hopefully coming back for a custom pair of their own down the road. For now we present, our FW16 In Stock Handsewns. 
-Dan Heselton
Co-Founder & Brand/Creative Director.  

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